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Our Beautiful World 50 ~ Animal(s)

Hello, my dear friends! ))

Всем привет! Ура-ура! На следующей неделе у меня отпуск! )) Последний мой отпуск был перед самым декретом, так что это вдвойне приятно! ) Сегодня необычный фото-пост, для блога Our Beautiful World хочу показать несколько своих фото разных животных. Присоединяйтесь! ))

Today I'd like to take part in interesting game for challenge blog Our Beautiful World. For this week we should show pictures of animals. I like animals, so I have some interesting pictures))

Sorry for the quality of some pictures - some of them are old and were made by phone.

Here is my cat Vasya or "Tsar" as we called him )). Unfortunately he died last year because he was very very old. Older than my younger brother! He was very patient, big and kind.

And here is my previous cat - Uma and her "boyfriend" Ginger who came to visit her every morning. Uma's breed is Siamese, that's why she has very very hard character)

Uma's first kitten - Afanasiy. So cute creation wis enormous eyes! ))

And now stories of our dogs. Our first dog was collie Mary. I have never met such clever dog. She was really like human being - understands everything. We didn't even go to special training lessons. She knew everything and behaved herself very delicate. She died when she was 15 y.o.

Our second dog was English mastiff Gera, my sweet girl. Clever too, but naughty and stubborn like every astrological Scorpio)) How many wonderful days we spent with her walking near the river, in the forest... Ahh.. She died last year too before Vasya. She was 12 y.o. - rather much for the dog of her breed.


Next our dog was "without breed" Kuzya - funny but not clever, unfortunately. He has gone to walk and didn't come back yet. Masha liked to play with him.

Our new pet is South-Russian shepherd Rada. Now she is small fluffy puppy. But in some monthes her weight will be more than 30 kg with height more than 60 sm.))
Other our funny pet is guinea pig Caesar. Inspite of such great name he is sooooo coward))

This big butterfly I have seen on the peach tree in my garden. It is night butterfly, it sleeps during the day and at night starts to fly.

When I was a student our University group came to visit Horse farm. I love these generous animals. We not only fed it but rode also.

This small frog lives in Saratov region. I have met it when I visited my grandpa 3 years ago.

Look at this sad little monkey! I have been at Monkey Zoo in Veseloe village (Adler, Sochi). There are many monkeys of different breeds. It is not only Zoo but scientific Institute who study its life and write researches workes.

That's all. I was very glad to share some pictures with you and will be very interesting to see your pictures here:

Our Beautiful World 50 ~ Animal(s)
See you soon! Good luck!
x VN x





7 комментариев:

  1. Такие чУдные фотографии!

  2. Hi Victoriya wow what a lovely lot of photos of you special pets, you're new puppy is really going to be a BIG dog..Thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World. Cheers

  3. wonderful impressions of your animals, cute shots from your cats and dogs :-)
    thank you for sharing with "Our Beautiful World"

  4. What a cutie, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World Victoriya!

  5. Love your photos! You have had some very beautiful pets ... Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World

  6. Hello - that is a magnificent collection of animals you have here.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Wren x


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