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OBW Week 55 ~ Woodland

Добрый день, мои дорогие!
Сегодня у меня фото-пост. В блоге Our Beautiful World новое задание - "Лесное" фото. В Армавире леса, можно сказать, нет, только за городом лесополоса. Но вот где настоящая лесная красота, так это в Поволжье, а именно в Саратовской области. Покажу вам несколько фото.

hello, my dear friends! I'd like to show you my "woodland" photos.

Here, in Armawir, are not many "woodland" places. But I liked to walk with my dog at one nice place near the river Kuban. 20 minutes and you are in calm, lonely, piecefull place. I, my dog and nature...

Ohhh, this photo was made many years ago. I was young, my dog was alive. Good old times ))

But the real Woodland I saw in Povolzhje (Saratov region) where my Grandpa lives.

Real Heaven on Earth. Forest, river, pure and fresh air.

It is really a place where my soul can have a rest. Where I can find the harmony...


I like to pick up mushrooms there (there are a lot of mushrooms, I need to write another post with its pictures =)) )

I have found "brown cap boletus". Then my grandma cooked tasty soup with it))
Also hedgehogs live there, they are so cute, they come to your houses and like to drink milk ))

I wasn't here for a long time. And want to visit this place again soon.

It is my "Woodland". And what is yours? ))
x VN x


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  1. That looks like an awesome walk, are those mushrooms edible, they look fun, thanks for sharing your lovely walk with us at Our Beautiful World!

  2. What a wonderful place! It's a pity that you have not been there for a long time! But I'm sure you will be there again very soon! :o)

  3. Hi Victoria, ooooh your photos are so lovely...yes you can feel the calmness and fresh air is wonderful...away from the bustle and rush of cities. Thanks you for sharing your gorgeous photos with Our Beautiful World cheers Robyn

  4. Lovely photos from you and the woodland around you. mmhhh the mushrooms Looks good!
    Thanks for sharing your great photos with us at "OBW"

  5. Oh what a beautiful place to take a walk ... Love these photos!! you and your dog look gorgeous too! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

  6. Wow! What wonderful photos and those mushrooms look awesome!

  7. What a beautiful place to walk your dog! It looks a bit like our country (Holland). And those mushrooms, wow they're big! Hope you'll be able to visit there again soon.

  8. Beautiful pictures. They exude serenity. I want to go there too, now! So glad to have found you through Our Beautiful World.

  9. Природа,грибочки...фото супер!

  10. What a wonderful place to walk your dog. It looks so peaceful. Beautiful photos.

  11. WOW love those mushrooms!!!! what a wonderful place, Thanks so much for sharing it with us at our beautiful world!


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