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Our Beautiful World. Week 67 ~ Under the Sea

Hello, my dear friends!

В этом фото-посте хочу показать несколько фотографий для блога Our Beautiful World на морскую тему. Летом отдыхали в Адлерском районе и не могли не посетить Океанариум в Курортном городке. Красота неописуемая! )

Today I'd like to share some pictures for the very interesting challenge at OBW - Under the Sea. This summer we went to the seaside, visited Sochi and Adler region. There is situated amazing Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. We ought to go there! )) Because it was extremely interesting for my little daughter Maria))

Unfortunately, pictures are not good, because there was low battery at our photo-camera and we made everything by phone.

On the territory of 6000 square meters there are 30 aquariums, a total of 5 million liters of water. Masha enjoyed a sea star, passing through the tunnel, where the corals are sparkling and the huge shark floats.

Information from the website: The entire exposition of the Sochi Dicovery World Aquarium fascinates by the gently splashing freshwater "lakes", bridges, "wild" forests, rocks and waterfalls: in this filigree frame the Jewelry of Russia's largest collection of the best, most beautiful works of nature look particularly fascinating.

I liked medusa and Seahorses. Moray impressed me much)) Also Freshwater rays, Discus and angelfish, Clown fish ...


Masha and the goldfish ))
Nice but dangerous Piranha:
Funny instalation, isn't it? ))
Many Sturgeons:
My favorite one. So cute )) but rather angry ))
So we were very impressed by this place. Much of these I saw first time in my life.
Thanks OBW for such interesting theme ))
x VN x


4 комментария:

  1. Hi Victoriya, thanks for sharing this wonderful collection of under the sea photos...aquariums are fascinating places to visit. Cheers Robyn

  2. That is cool, must be fun too, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  3. These photos couldn't be more perfect for the prompt!! Lovely photos and what a fabulous place!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!

  4. Wonderfull fotos and shots, best regard from Belgium


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